Why You Need to Learn Python Programming in 2022?

6 Reasons to Learn Python Programming in 2022

Mahesh Sharma
4 min readApr 30, 2022

The more I talk in my interactions with developers around the world, the better acclaim Python is becoming. When I started programming when I was asked what programming language I was using I would answer “Python”.

Why You Need to Learn Python Programming in 2022?
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I would receive various responses like “Oh, that’s cool, I’ll need to master Python or ‘I’m using R but what do I use Python different?’

Now , when I’m asked which programming language I’m using The responses differ. I hear ‘Yes I’ve been learning Python through R or “Yes, Python is one of the top languages currently’.

In just only a few months, the conversations around Python have changed and for the better! I’ve worked with colleagues who do not have any prior experience with python, and are frustrated with their current programming language taking too long.

This is the reason I’m writing this article to provide you with reasons why you must learn Python in 2022. If you’re still not aware of an programing language or you’re thinking of switching to a different language, take a look and find out whether Python is right for you.

History Of Python

Python first came out on the 20th February 1991. It was invented by Dutch programmers Guido van Rossum. Design of Python was heavily focused on the ease of reading code , using large indentation.

The structure of the language and its object-oriented design helps novice and experienced programmers write concise and understandable code, from small-scale projects to larger projects, and from using tiny data to large data.

31 years after, Python is still considered to be to be one of the most powerful programming languages of the present.

What is the reason for Python 2022?

1. Easy to learn

For a long time the public has been turned off because of the difficulty of learning the language of programming. This was, however, Guido van Rosum’s intention when he created Python for it to become a general-purpose language.

The simple syntax of Python is extremely welcoming to novices and those who are new to the field to understand, and also the ease of development for beginners to be in a position to comprehend and read it.

Python is a lot easier to master than nearly any another programming language which makes it more and more popular each day.

2. Versatile and Flexible

When you think of something that is flexible that you are thinking about that is able to change or adjust to various purposes.

Python is a programming language that can be used in a variety of environments including web development, applications software development, and much more. This makes it extremely popular with people who have mastered python are able to take two stones and kill them. It can also take out 3, 4, 5 and even…

The developers who are skilled in Python can be found in a variety of areas, ranging from Machine learning Artificial Intelligence Data Science, Game Development, Web Development, and many more.

3. Libraries and Frameworks

The best part about developing and programming is the fact that there are frameworks and libraries created so you don’t need to create everything by hand. These pre-built components include helpful and understandable code that can be incorporated into your software.

The most popular frameworks and libraries for Python include:

4. IoT Technology

Internet of Things is a network of devices that are connected to the internet, like computers and digital devices, objects and much more. It’s the capability to transfer data across an internet without the need for human-to human or computer-to-human interaction.

These tiny, connected devices are compatible with the use of either Python or Micropython and allow us to make small changes on the source code and also adapt to meet specific requirements

In the age of interconnected devices daily and users are beginning to understand the importance of learning Python because it is an excellent language to master and comprehend to make use of the IoT.

5. Large companies are flying green flags

Google has used Python since the year 2006 and has since been creating a number of Python training courses for students who want to become developers. Other large companies include Facebook as well as Amazon Web Services.

When large tech companies that are trusted by their customers begin using a specific software language it is more well-known and trusted. This is what happened when it came to C# which was used by Microsoft, PHP which was employed by Facebook and many more.

6. Automation

One of the best features of Python is the capability of automatizing tasks. With the wide range of tools and modules that are available, Python can take the most difficult tasks and simplify them and help automate the repetitive, lengthy tasks. This lets developers focus their energy and time on tasks that require hand-work.

Python has evolved into the industry benchmark for automated processes. People who develop with other programming languages will still use Python for automating scripts.


Python is a Python programming language provides an answer for nearly every industry, including Machine Learning, AI, Web Development, and Game Development. They can be used in different areas including Finance, Fashion, to Beauty. There are many applications that Python is considered to be the most appropriate programming language.



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