What is FIR, Procedure to File FIR in India ?

The Full Form of FIR is called the First Information Report. FIR is a document that contains the most important details of a criminal offense. FIR does not prove that an individual has committed a crime. FIR is the starting point of an investigation for a particular crime.

Below is a list of the contents found on the FIR page.

Name of FIR file

Name of the victim or the complainant

Offence description

Place and time of crime

Witness statements (if any)

If the offender can be identified, the name and description of the victim will be provided.

Why is FIR necessary?

How to File a FIR

Police must write down details of cognizable crimes if they are given orally.

You have the right to request that details recorded by the cop be read to you as a person who has given information or made a complaint.

The person who provided the data must sign the police report when it is recorded.

After you verify that the information in the police report is correct, you should sign it.

For people who cannot read or write, they must place their left thumb impression onto the paper until it becomes a valid record.

Always demand a copy of the FIR if the police refuse to give it. You have the right to request it without cost.

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