Launch Branded Teaching App Like Byju’s

“Byju’s learning app is responsible for up around 90% of revenue”

Byju’s app’s success is a clear indicator of the market potential that the Indian market offers in online testing. But, creating your own branded eLearning application will require a significant investment and lengthy.

Ingeniumedu at your service

Ingeniumedu provides branded learning mobile apps through SaaS-based subscription model. It means that any brand new technology in the industry can be integrated into your app right now. Anyone who has course material such as videos PPTs, PDFs, or tests can create their own customized app similar to Byju’s within just one week.

So, you’ll be able to eliminate the costs for developing an app and reducing the cost of maintenance by around 80 percent. With the mobile app branded it comes with interesting features such as secure access to content offline DRM encryption, in-depth analytics and push notifications.

Ingeniumedu is home to more than 100 teachers who have subscribed with more than 10L students all over India and around the world, using 3900plus courses. Ingeniumedu has enabled educators to earn greater than $8 million in revenues via course sale through course sales. with their goal to empower teachers to educate and connect with learners via on the internet.

How fast can you launch your app, similar to Byju? What is the design of your app?

This is a brief video that provides you with an overview of the branded mobile app features.

Ingeniumedu can assist you to launch a your own branded app for teaching that works on the both Android and iOS within 15 days. The app will come with your logo and branding and a custom splash screen and login screens for students. After students have registered to the app, they are able to view free courses or buy paid courses via the app.

Courses may be offered made up of videos as well as PDFs, PPTs and PDFs. HTML-based lessons and quizzes. You may also create complete length mock tests that are similar to competitive exams such as bank exams, CAT, GATE, IITJEE, GRE and GMAT, etc.

Create Courses and Engage Students with the Latest Technology

Ingeniumedu is hosted by Amazon. To deliver content, Ingeniumedu uses high-end cloud servers that automatically scale to handle large volume loads , without compromising the quality of the quality of streaming. Security of content is another key aspect of Ingeniumedu. Videos and PDF files downloaded by teachers are encrypted with DRM streaming.

Ingeniumedu provides extremely secure multi-layered content security , including rights to protect educators ‘ IP and content.

Ingeniumedu provides a powerful view of the performance of learners. The educators can view the learning performance of students at the course section, quiz, or even at the question level. They can get down to the micro-level details such as the answer choice that the student has chosen, how long it took to answer the question , along with the overall performance of the test.

Simply put, Ingeniumedu uses latest and top technology to ensure that teachers are equipped with the most effective tools for online teaching. This allows educators to keep up with the latest technological advancement without worrying about maintenance and development.

Launch The Branded Teaching App created by Ingeniumedu

With Ingeniumedu educators can offer online classes and sell their courses through their own mobile apps with branded branding and website. Ingeniumedu helped over 100 educators to teach three-liter plus students over the last two years. This allows educators to in online teaching and reaching learners far beyond the boundaries. On average, teachers on Ingeniumedu generate 10X revenues with total course selling more than $8 million as of.

In short, educators are able to launch and manage their online teaching platforms from a an admin dashboard that does not have to worry about the technology. It offers incredible opportunities and flexibility to educators so that everyone in the world can access their course material via their branded apps. By using Ingeniumedu Marketing tools teachers can connect with millions of students far beyond the boundaries of their respective regions.

The Ingeniumedu Feature List — Detailed

  1. Do-it-yourself website builder to create a stunning online site. Educational professionals can build a customized and personalized eLearning websites in less than 15 minutes. No programming is required. Websites built on Ingeniumedu are SEO-optimized and adaptable.
  2. Branded Android and iOS mobile applications for teaching and selling the classes on mobile.
  3. Integrated Payment gateway to offer courses and mock tests on your company’s brand. Quickly connect with your preferred payment method and earn the full amount of revenue from your course. Ingeniumedu is already integrated with payment gateways including CCavenue, Razorpay, Instamojo, Paypal, and Stripe.
  4. Support for a variety of kinds of course content such as PDFs, Videos PPTs HTML Lessons and assessments (mock tests)
  5. Encrypting content to protect against the spread of piracy. All of your videos and PDF course materials are protected and streamed directly to the learners. It is almost impossible for students to download the course material.
  6. Advertising tools such as coupon codes SMS, email push notifications and integration of third party tools helps educators reach out to learners outside of their geographic.
  7. Integrated LMS system that includes an easy to use course builders tester, test builder, student manager, and analytics tools.
  8. In-depth analysis of student performance helps teachers evaluate the performance of students. They can then provide specific feedback and suggestions for students.
  9. The industry Standard learning interface to access course material discussions boards Personal notes section, testing engine to complete tests, and much more.
  10. Support for additional features in eLearning such as adaptive streaming. It also supports multiple administrators social login courses, certificates for course, various languages, currency settings , etc.

What are you waiting to do? Join Ingeniumedu today to launch a the same app to teach as Byju! !



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