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6 min readNov 24, 2021

There is now such an easy and convenient way to receive the education we require that you don’t have to travel far to obtain an education. For the education route, we can receive an education from a teacher at home, away from the comfort of our homes.

Today, technology like the internet are readily available at all homes. The online education system is proven to be highly effective in the age of Corona. Today, online education is becoming all over the world, regardless of whether it’s a urban or rural.

It is possible to join online education any time in the nation or even abroad. Nowadays, online education has proven to be extremely beneficial to students.

The disease has affected the educational system and education all over the world. Education institutions across the world were temporarily shut in order to lessen the effects of Corona.

1.077 billion students were affected by school closings. Now , the most important question is what happens to students’ education?. A lot of big companies have come up with only one solution that is via online education. The results of this is seen all over the world.

Online education is being delivered by computers that is made possible by the internet. Computers and a variety of devices are utilized for online education. However, for this, the quality of internet has to be excellent We must be aware of this.

There’s no such condition as lockdown. However, the corona virus, a fatal disease, isn’t giving up. Because of this, colleges and schools have provided online education as their main assistance due to the circumstance being different from typical. Which is correct or not depends on the consequences of the circumstances in each way.

Many of us are aware that e-learning can be described as a form of distance learning. When the teacher is located in a faraway location, whether that location is in the home or out of the house, they are able to offer education to their students.

Teachers and students exchange thoughts and ideas, which is an excellent method to comprehend the concept of education. Education online has many advantages:

Technology changes education:

In today’s changing world there have been numerous changes in technology , and its use is also huge. There have been many changes noticed in the method of delivering education because of technological advancements. Nowadays, teaching materials utilized in online learning can be transmitted from one location to another by using technology.

Wherever we are around the globe We can have the educational material we need to another location in a short time. Just like any other link, any video that is related to education or any other files. These types of content can make online education even more innovative.

The option to choose to drop any subject or with any teacher:

One of the advantages from online learning is the fact that we can choose from a variety of choices. With online education you have the option of which teacher to choose or the topic we would like to learn about. It is up to our preferences. In addition to choosing the topic, you are able to discuss the topic with your teacher after selecting the subject.

Don’t be afraid of taking notes:

Online education is a great alternative to traditional classrooms. We are not confined just like in a classroom, where requires us to be on guard and keep notes with the instructor. Online education allows us to stop our video and then watch it over and over. Instead of writing notes this way it is also possible to memorize the videos.

Online education convenient:

It is extremely convenient to learn online. The student can study anywhere, anytime and get lessons. In this way, no spot is fixed and the student is able to get relief in any temperatures such as summer. Students do not need to leave the house during this heat, and can learn in the comfort of their homes.

Learning about technology through online education:

We are all aware that education for children online is happening at this moment. Because of this, the majority of children are learning the latest technology, such as video chat and are completing their studies.

In these classes, which are online continuously students are learning new ways for reading with their instructors, and are also gaining interest in reading. The evolving environment for studying has made studying fun and thrilling.

When they go to school and keeping in contact with teachers, children find it dull and exhausting. Alongside enjoying the opportunity to learn about technology, youngsters are discovering it to be more engaging and enjoyable to learn while in their homes.

Although online education comes with many benefits however, it has drawbacks. It’s not always clear from a physical perspective also. A few of the disadvantages are as below.

Internet misuse:

The most significant disadvantage of using the internet is that, even parents are in a budget, they must offer services like mobiles computers, laptops, and mobile phones for their children. However, regardless of whether their youngsters are getting the an appropriate education they’re not aware of these facilities. Children take the disadvantage of this , and begin playing games. Or, they open up the wrong items, which aren’t appropriate for them.

Inconsistency between student and teacher:

Another drawback of online education is that there is no cohesion among the teachers and students. If the education was traditional format, students who do not know, then they talk about the subject with the teacher simultaneously.

In online education, teachers cannot explain the subject to students and students are unable to be able to comprehend or remain compatible with both subjects. The type of classroom environment that is created in online education, is the type of classroom environment that is required in a classroom.

Physical harms of online education:

Teachers and students alike face physical issues as a result in online learning. If a student attends online courses for six to eight hours per day, the bright light of a laptop or computer is a negative influence on their eyes. Because of this, their body and skin become dull, which can be physically harmful.

The lack of attention to online education:

If a student isn’t in a position to devote sufficient attention to their studies while going to school, what will be the best way for him/her to focus on online learning. They don’t have that anxiety that plagues the student when he/she is studying at the school. When it comes to online education, students are not able to leave their lesson in the middle of the class by giving excuses that are numerous and blaming others, which is not the case.

It’s difficult to make education online accessible to all students:

Education online is not available for everyone. Someone who is able to join the night and day for two meals is unable to offer facilities such as a computer as well as mobiles and laptops to his kids. This is why the education of children from families with poor income cannot progress further and have to remain at home.


In this manner we can observe that, due to the Corona period that there was an increase in the field of education. In the case of becoming familiar with the latest technology and its use, its shortcomings are apparent. Online education is a great option for Future learning, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages, however aside from these aspects the most important thing is to be educated.

Education can take any way, but as students’ education shouldn’t be neglected, and it is vital to provide the proper importance to this aspect. Thus, online education is the largest method of education in the present.



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