How to increase your download speed?

Mahesh Sharma
6 min readSep 21, 2021


Slow download speeds could be caused by a myriad of reasons, and figuring out the reason for your connection’s slow speed can be challenging at times. While some solutions may be straightforward, such as restarting your computer or evaluating your internet speed or bandwidth, others may be more complex.

To download information from the computer, the amount of megabits (Mbps) per second absorbed by the servers is known by the term download speed. The data downloaded may be in the form of images or text files, or even videos. Every program you run on your tablet or phone such as Instagram, Spotify, or YouTube will require you to download information.

A minimum of 25 megabytes per second is considered to be good download speeds, as per the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Broadband Speed Guide. If your download speed isn’t as fast How can you increase it?

It is vital to be aware that the speed of your download will be affected by the volume of devices and internet users at home. When you’ve got more than 3 or 4 devices operating at the same time and your household usage is moderate to high You may have to increase your speed to over 25 megabits/second.

There is a chance to boost your download speed with aid of adjusting a few items about your computer, router, and even your home. Here are some tips to speed up download speeds.

Restart your computer

Try restarting your system prior to proceeding to other alternatives. There may be multiple browsers running at the same at the same time, or you may be unaware of the applications operating on your system. Reboot your computer, and only open one browser window to download files.

Other sources or times

Nowadays, a variety of types of content that are available through the Internet are available via other websites. If you’re having difficulties downloading a file, check whether it’s available through a different site to download. In addition, you should check whether the website you are browsing and downloading the file is linked to several download sites. Check another site for downloads in the event that one is available even if it’s slightly further from where you are.

It’s also recommended to download it from another website and at an alternate time , if it’s a popular download. The speed of download will be slower when thousands of people are using the same site to download the file.

Download managers

A software for managing downloads which helps speed up the process of downloading an entire file by the aid of opening several internet connections at once to download various elements from the same file. Be aware that this method is restricted by the quantity of bandwidth available to you by the Internet service provider and is not compatible with all websites. However, using a downloading manager will help cut down the time spent downloading an enormous file.

It is worth noting that some free download programs are known to include ads and spyware in the event that you’re looking for alternatives to download managers. Check the fine print before installing any free application and remove any additional boxes that ask if you want to install additional software.

Remove other devices that are that are connected to your router.

The more slow your internet connection will become when more devices and users are connected to the internet. In the meantime switch off all other devices, like phones, smart TVs and iPads when you download. This can dramatically boost your internet and speeds of downloading.

Delete apps that aren’t utilized

When you download, you’re required to disable the applications running installed on your device. Since they consume a significant amount of bandwidth, the applications that you run on your computer could be slowing your download speed. Netflix and other streaming services for video are, for example, consuming large amounts of data. To determine if this helps you, switch off the apps for a short time.

You can download one file at one time

It is not uncommon to have your download fail in the event that you are downloading lots of files simultaneously. This could be due being a device that does not have the capability of downloading large files. Try downloading just one each file to help you get things done. You may find this as if it’s a little counterintuitive, however it can make it easier to save time.

Test and replace your router or modem

It is necessary to connect an internet router to your modem in case you intend to connect other devices to the internet at your home. The router is not just used to connect devices but also functions as an antenna that extends the Wi-Fi coverage to your entire home.

Your service provider may have given you an modem. It could be as simple than rebooting your modem to fix the issue. It is possible to purchase another modem in case you notice that there is no change following restarting and the download speed is significantly slow.

Place your device near it is the ideal method to check the strength of the signal of the modem. If you are standing near the modem and you notice a speed increase this is a clear indication that the router is at fault. As we’ve stated, permits you to increase the range of your internet connection. The speed of download may be affected in the event that your device is farther distant from your router.

Change the address of your router

The location of your router can cause a slowdown in the speed of downloads, as the location of your router could affect the speed of your download. Certain areas of your home might not receive an adequate signal. Therefore be aware of the location you’re putting your router. You should consider purchasing Wi-Fi extenders if you have a huge home as it can help increase the range of your network and improve the speed of your internet.

Be sure to keep your router clear of microwaves and other appliances in the household including cabinets, bathrooms, basements and floors. The router should be put in a central place in order to be able to access the internet from any part of the home.

Use an Ethernet cable

If you find that your Wi-Fi isn’t working You can immediately boost your speed on the internet by making use of an Ethernet connection in this case. Attach your modem’s Ethernet connection to the device to achieve this. This can be the fastest connection for your download speeds since it’s hardwired and does not depend on Wi-Fi.

Upgrade your cable

If your download speeds are unchanged even after selecting the fastest option by using the Ethernet cable, the cable could be the reason that slow down your download speed. You might require a check of the cable. Upgrade to a more durable cable that is shorter if the current cable is long or is old. The smallest adjustment could be the most important thing.

Check for viruses

There are many kinds of problems that may be experienced in the device as a result of viruses. These viruses utilize your internet and other resources to operate behind the scenes, which can cause delays in downloading. Install an antivirus program to prevent this and also defend yourself against cyber threats like viruses, malware, and more.

Limit bandwidth usage

It is also possible to cut down on your bandwidth that is consumed by your device, as well as installing antivirus software. The quantity of data transferred across the network is known as bandwidth. Every program such as updates, downloads and updates that are carried out on our network could cause speeds of download decrease dramatically because they consume a large volume of bandwidth. If this has happened you should check your device’s settings options and disable the automatic update by hand. You can also alter the settings of your device to control the amount of bandwidth used.

Clear your cache

The internet data is cached to speed up the loading times of websites and applications. Sometimes, the cache slows down speed of downloads when it is filled up within the browser. You have the option of choosing which data to delete regardless of whether you need to completely clear your cache. You can choose to erase all browsing histories, your images and cookies as well as documents that have been stored by your system.

Update firmware

To keep the speed and performance of your devices to the standard, it is recommended to change the firmware of your router regularly. Since the performance of software can degrade as time passes, it’s vital to update your router’s firmware regularly. It is possible to visit the settings page of your router on the website of the manufacturer to complete this. Once you’ve logged into your router, make adjustments to your settings to determine if have solved the issue regarding download speeds.



Mahesh Sharma