Binary Search Algorithm

What do you mean by Searching Algorithm?

The searching algorithm is defined as the method of finding one or more than one element from a given set of data that is effective. This algorithm mostly finds the given elements from a specific data structure.

What are the two types of Searching algorithms?

Generally, there are two types of the special Searching Algorithm that includes:

Binary Search Algorithm

Binary Search Algorithm is considered one of the most important types of searching algorithm. A binary search algorithm is a searching technique that usually works on sorted lists of elements effectively and efficiently. Therefore, to do any search from the given list of elements, it must be ensured that the list must be sorted effectively.

Advantages of Binary Search

The Advantages of using the Binary Search Algorithm are as follows:

Disadvantages of Binary Search

The disadvantages of the Binary Search Algorithm are as follows:

Working on the Binary Search Algorithm

Usually, the binary search algorithm can effectively be implemented in two ways respectively, which are as follows:



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