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Online Teaching App for Teachers

The achievement and advancement of technology in the field of education very rapidly has come like a boon for all of us by various means. It is very obvious to say that Covid-19 has a huge impact on the education sector as well as on all the people who are connected to this sector.

Online Teaching App for Teachers

When we talk about the disadvantageous position of people connected to the education sector, we are usually talking about the disadvantageous position of students only. But that’s not the right thing to do because not only students are associated with the education sector.

The biggest pillar in the education sector is teachers, and generally, we forget about the challenges faced by the teachers because of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teachers have faced a lot of challenges during this pandemic period, and online education has not reduced any of these challenges for them. Instead online education is now one of the biggest concerns for teachers, and they are facing even more challenges here, which we usually don’t talk about. One of such biggest challenges is the adaptability of teachers for online teaching apps.

We, a new generation, may not find this as a problem but we have to understand that there is a difference of complete generation between us and teachers which makes things not the same for them.

Teachers face a lot of trouble while using online teaching applications, and there are many complications for them for using these applications. Even sometimes, there are many things that a teacher requires, are missing from the online teaching applications, which makes the situation even worse for teachers.

Fortunately, we have some online teaching platforms like Ingenium that allows teachers and coaching institutes to have their own Mobile app for teaching their students online.

Let us see the features of Ingenium Mobile app that makes it the best online teaching app for teachers.

Ingenium: The Best Online Teaching App for Teachers

Ingenium is the fastest growing online teaching platform and mobile application, which is very helpful for all the teachers teaching in coaching institutes as well as self-employed teachers. Ingenium comes with lots of features and an easy user interface (UI) which solves lots of problems for many teachers.

Ingenium application is very easy to use and easy to learn, and many teachers believe that Ingenium is the best online learning platform. As teachers were facing many difficulties while using the online teaching applications for taking their classes, Ingenium took a step forward and made their application very easy to use for them so that all the teachers don’t have to face such difficulty.

Thus, it makes Ingenium a stand-out online teaching application for teachers from all the applications available in the market. In this article, we will look at and answer that why Ingenium is the best online teaching application for teachers by learning more about it.

Features of Ingenium

Here, in this section, we will look at the features of Ingenium, which are very helpful for teachers and see how these features of Ingenium support teachers while they are taking their classes. All these features, which we are going to discuss now in detail, will make you understand why Ingenium is the best online teaching application for all the teachers:

1. Upload Study Material

Study material like notes, pdfs are the major requirement of students after class which is nowadays a big problem for many teachers. This is because many teachers are confused that where and how they should provide the study material to their students.

But Ingenium solves this problem of all the teachers as in Ingenium application; a teacher can easily upload all the required study material for his students. Teachers can also give access to students to upload their handmade notes in the application, which solves a big issue for them.

2. Personalized App

Ingenium is a personalized application, and that’s why it becomes easy to use for all the teachers who are not used to using the online application so often. Ingenium has simplified options in its application, and even a teacher can set the interface of the application according to his daily need and uses. Such great personalization options make Ingenium the first and foremost choice of many teachers for teaching online.

3. Live Classes

Teachers not only want to deliver recorded lectures, but they also want to deliver live classes to their students. This is because good teachers understand that students have many queries and doubts during and they want to resolve them by discussing them with their teachers.

The query solving and doubt resolution is possible after the class, too. Still, it is preferred to solve it during the class, which is beneficial for students, and that’s why teachers like to deliver live classes for the benefit of their students. Ingenium provides the option to take live classes on its platform, and it also provides the option for teachers to take queries and doubts of students during an ongoing live class.

4. Test Creator

Teachers not just only want to deliver classes and give homework to their students, but they also want to take the test of the students to assess their knowledge about the subject or a particular subject. Ingenium also helps teachers in this by providing the option of an online test creator by which teachers can create a test in the application and post them.

When the teacher posts a test in the application, students are able to submit their answers in the application itself, which makes it very easy for teachers to evaluate the answers of all the teachers.

5. Smart Attendance

Teachers have to keep an eye on every student as every student is equal for them, and it becomes actually very difficult to monitor every student during an online lecture. With this problem, sometimes teachers are not able to keep an attendance report of every student.

Ingenium also solves this problem of all the teachers by providing the smart attendance feature by which teachers can analyze the real-time attendance of all the students. And, with the help of this feature, teachers can even analyze many aspects regarding the attendance of students, such as how many students are joining late, how many are leaving early from the class, etc.

6. Fee Management

Teachers also want a system where they can manage the fees of their classes so that their classes will not be distributed due to fee-related issues. It becomes even more difficult in online classes to easily manage the fee and fee-related issues, and sometimes it becomes even irritating to tell each and every student about dues.

Ingenium provides a fee management system for all the teachers where they don’t have to worry regarding sending any notices or reminders to students.

7. Students Report

It is not an easy task to maintain the report of every student of the class, and it becomes even more difficult when the scenario changes from physical classes to online classes. But in the end, it is the duty of a teacher to maintain the report of every student, and Ingenium understands this problem of every teacher who is teaching online.

Therefore, Ingenium provides an option of student reports in their teaching platform where the teacher can easily maintain the report of every student. Teachers have the option to post the report of students in the application with this feature so that even students can analyze their performance and progress.

8. Send daily notes

We can understand how daily notes are important for all the students, and it becomes even more important where the classes are online. Daily notes not only provide the option to revise what is taught in the class, but they are also beneficial for all those students who missed their class due to any reason. Ingenium also provides the option to all the teachers of sending daily notes to their students.

With this feature, teachers can share their daily ppt, pdf or even recording of the class in their class group. This is one more reason that why teachers love to teach their students online at the Ingenium platform.

Apart from all those mentioned above useful and so beloved features of the Ingenium, following are the some of the reasons that why Ingenium is the best online teaching app for teachers:

§ Ingenium provides great exposure for all the teachers as there are already 5000+ teachers and mentors present on the platform.

§ Ingenium provides a wide range of audiences to its teachers from all over India (Currently, more than 60k + students are registered on the Ingenium platform).

§ Ingenium also provides the option for teachers to design different types of courses for different categories of students (categories may be according to their classes, streams or goals).

So, here we have seen all the beneficial features (for teachers as well as for students) of Ingenium and its other benefits.

We can now easily understand that why Ingenium is the best online teaching application for all teachers.


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