Students are uneasy when learning online due to their inconsistency with the training they have previously experienced.

It’s not easy to transition from the traditional, familiar classroom, face-to face instructor training to the brand new computer-based instruction in virtual classrooms.

Most often, students struggle to adjust to the new experience of learning that is completely different from what they’ve experienced previously.

From a technical standpoint In terms of technical aspects, the inability to access a strong internet connections that online courses are dependent on could be the cause.

Because of this, students might not be able to keep up to their virtual peers. Furthermore, the absence of ICT literacy causes the learning experience of students difficult.


There is now such an easy and convenient way to receive the education we require that you don’t have to travel far to obtain an education. For the education route, we can receive an education from a teacher at home, away from the comfort of our homes.

Today, technology like…

Mahesh Sharma

Blogger & Developer

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